This Life
17 mei 2004 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Vriendschap / Verandering / Verwarring

I cannot seem to fit into your life that is near you
But why do you come into mine and stop me from what I do

I thought that I had something that belonged to me right here
But every time you seem to find a way to interfere

I donít mind you knowing about the things I do
But please stop wasting all my time, I donít want you to do it too

Itís not because Iím jealous, itís not because I donít care
But this is something of my own, and I donít want it to share

It might sound egocentric, pathetic; maybe sad
But donít take this away from me; Itís the best Iíve ever had

I cannot see why this is and why you turn away
every time Iím asking for another way to stay

If you try to open up, and create your own world
you might see you donít need to be Ďjust another girlí

You might pretend that youíre this person, when youíre really not
But donít go trying being me Ďcause me is all Iíve got

Donít tell me that itís yours, donít tell me what to say
Ďcause you know that I canít accept, and just push you away

You know more of my life, than anyone before
but donít go trying living it, then I donít need you anymore

Iíve been through some hard times, but gladly thatís in the past
But why canít you accept it if I go too fast?

My life is not for you to judge, itís mine and thatíll stay
Here itís not about winning, itís not a game to play

So please forgive my senses, my emotions that sometimes flow
but you only keep me here and donít allow me to grow

You know I canít life without you, but if youíll go further I have to choose
Ďcause to me youíre becoming more of a monster thatís on the loose

I love you till the end of time, Iíll never find another you
But please stop playing with my mind, if not; Iím afraid what I might do

Iíll never forget you; youíre special and unique
but donít try to take me over, itís YOU you need to seek

- Steefepeef -

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 Steefepeef corner
Maandag, mei 17, 2004 18:32 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
Neej joh, muts! :D
 Fading Away corner
Maandag, mei 17, 2004 18:07 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver

Fading Away
 Ottelien corner
Maandag, mei 17, 2004 18:03 Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
gaat het over mij?? :(
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