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13 oktober 2003 Stuur e-mail Alle gedichten bekijken van deze schrijver
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(I will bring to you
some things I try to do.
So open up your ears
hear me out, my fellow tears):

A short lesson of history
for those that listened closely
to the sounds of their surroundings,
by information of communication,
through association of thoughts
materialized into
-never less than two-
persons telling you
what to do, how to move and what to be:
institutions of policy.

To those that listened closely
to the actual factual history,
but were more interested in the glamour of its mighty
than in their own function of controversy;
to be an enlightened commentary
on that what we call our society:
Be aware of the danger of disciplination
through our science of humanity.
Never dare to forget
the reason we first met:
We all tried to be what we want to be
and what we want to be
is to be called free.
So try to do your best,
in being more than a pest
to the rest that lives here too
on this magnet of gravity;
only source of human energy.
Just do what is fit with your own wit
thats the only thing we ask
so we can keep up the mask
and hold it all together,
although its hard.
Living with eachother
as apart.

(But always keep in mind
that it's us who make the bind:
talk about love and life,
keep your children and your wife.)

We are no more than that what we have become,
we have grown ourselves into this place we call our home,
no longer nomads of the sun.
We have left the tree of natural selection,
fell into the plane of human developement.
We are nothing more than an experiment
gone out of hand like a madman on the loose
a breeding program without sense
and without our conscience.
We need to be ran by some kind of man
that guides us through this no mans land
but, pity for us, we are blind to see
that there is nothing we have to seek.
Because we are mere things
that roll into existence and live for some time
in the illusion to say: "Hey! This was mine".

- Andreas Lauwers -

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